This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 09 ‘The Trip’

Written by M.

This week Kate and Kevin try to be there for Randall by taking him to the family cabin, before their mother sells it. But Kevin is Kevin and seem to get that this was a trip meant for just the three of them and invites Olivia who brought two others along. And let’s face it, Kevin is being a total scumbag in order to prove himself to Olivia. You can definitely see that Kevin moving to New York and Kate staying behind in Los Angeles has changed their relationship.

At the same time, Randall gets stoned on some drink Olivia’s ex brought along. This brings him to have a conversation with Jack about Rebecca keeping his biological father from him.
In the past we see how much Rebecca struggled with Randall’s quest to find his birthparents, scared that she will lose her son. And in his stoned vision, Randall sees how scared his mother was. He may not be ready to forgive her just yet, but he does see where she came from.

This episode made me realize how lucky we are to be raised in time and not back then. Like I said before, I don’t see the color of somebody’s skin. I see the person underneath and I never really gotten until now, why colored people are still so bend on racism. But this episode showed how much it still affected people in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s not something they can just forget. I, and most of my generation may not be racist, but a lot of the older generations are. I don’t think they are like that by choice, but how they were formed by society back in the days. The thing we can do now, is to make sure that our generation and any generation to come, will be formed differently. And maybe, if we’re lucky, we can change the generation before us as well.


  • Who wants Jack to be their father?

Next week on the Winter Finale;

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