This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 08 ‘Pilgrim Rick’

Written by M.

It’s Thanksgiving!
Sounds like a perfect time to get some secrets out in the open and relationships to end.

Let’s start with Kate and Toby, where Kate breaks up with Toby because she needs to focus on losing weight and she feels she can’t do that while being with him. When she’s on the plane towards Randall and the rest of the family, she experiences some turbulence and realizes life’s too short and decides to get a gastric bypass surgery.

Kevin tried to sell his family to Olivia to get her to spend Thanksgiving with him and it’s just brilliant.

“My family is, uh, we’re like whatever the most interesting kind of bread would be. You know, we’re like multigrain bread. Except we’re not that healthy. We’re like, uh, we would be ciabatta bread. That’s what we are. Check this out. My mother is, uh, married to my dead dad’s best friend. I have a twin sister who is seriously overweight. And I have an adopted black brother who just recently reconnected with his biological father who is dying. Now, don’t you want to see that up close, huh?”

When Randall goes to get some old tape recordings for William at his apartment, he finds an old letter from Rebecca to William and a old photo of him as a boy and he finds out that his mother has been lying to him for years.

At the end of the night all Olivia can say is;

“Your family is amazing”

And I think we can all agree on that.


  • The Pearson Family Thanksgiving Tradition is pretty great. What is your Thanksgiving tradition?
  • What happened between Miguel and Kevin to make Kevin dislike him so much? It can’t be just the fact that he married his mother, can’t wait to see what more to that story.

Next week on This is Us;


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