This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 07 ‘The Best Washing Machine in the World’

Written by M.

This week’s episode gave us more insight into the troubled relationship between Kevin and Randall.
Kevin is a very social person where as Randall is a person who is eager to learn. You can definitely see that the roles have turned. When they were younger it was Randall who needed the affection and confirmation, now it is Kevin who desperately needs his brother’s affection and approval. But they have both grown up and own up to their mistakes. And Kevin ends up back in the basement.

Kate is frustrated and who can blame her. She’s been killing herself for weeks staying on the diet and exercising and only lost a little over a pound. Whereas Toby lost 8 pounds and he hardly tries to lose any weight. I feel for her, I really do, it’s hard to keep yourself motivated when you feel like you’re standing still and everybody else gets what you want. Like the lady at the meeting said “This is the tough part”. I’m wondering why Toby is even at these meetings, if he’s not interested in losing the weight, like all the others there, what is it he’s looking for there?

Beth and William eating ‘adult brownies’, that’s just hilarious. But it ends on a bitter note when William spill his secret of knowing Rebecca back in the day.


  • Randall walks around the table in the restaurant, because it’s a big table. But in the next shot, you can see that they’re sitting at the edge of the table.
  • Doesn’t Toby have a job?
  • Why is it that producers can’t seem to fake a phone call? Don’t they know by now that we notice the phone screens?
  • Is there trouble in paradise for Jack and Rebecca? Will they separate before he dies?

Next week it’s time for Thanksgiving;



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