Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 09 ‘Broken Promises’

Written by M.

Time for season 4 part 2.
We’ve left the Ghost Rider behind and it’s now about LMD.
Basically AIDA has gone cray cray and has locked May in a closet, unconscious.
All the while the gang doesn’t suspect a thing that the May they have amongst them is a LMD.

Though that might not be the case anymore.
It seems Coulson might suspect something is not right, after AIDA found out the location of the Dark Hold, after he told May and May alone.

Oh and that man that Simmons saved from the rock, is Nadeer’s little brother. How about that, the president of the anti-Inhuman-fanclub, now has an Inhuman brother. But after spending 7 months trying to free him from the rock, she kills him without any hesitation when she finds out he is indeed Inhuman.

And also;

  • That look of Mace when Daisy tells him that Simmons was kidnapped on another planet.
  • Vijay seems to be Marvel’s answer to the Flash
  • Vijay Nadeer has been dumped, dead, in the ocean. Though, judging by the last scene of the episode, I think we might see him again. The list of ‘people’ we’re waiting for gets longer and longer. Robbie/The Ghost Rider, Hope and now Vijay, who will come next.
  • How many AIDA’s do you think there are?
  • Does LMD-May know that she is a LMD and being controlled by AIDA and Radcliffe?
  • Who is the superior of Nadeer?

Coming up next week;

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