American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 10’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

Well…. where to begin. The season finale starts of with a press conference they did after My Roanoke Nightmare…. A YouTube clip from a huge fan from London followed by a YouTube clip from one of the Polk brothers, ready for revenge. Then an Oprah like introduction of Lee Harris that was prosecuted for several deaths.


The real Flora testifies against her mother in court as she sees her mom kill her dad Mason. This gets a strange twist when the real Flora tells the jury about her imaginative ghost friend Priscilla. Lee is found not guilty.

Then the best part starts of this season’s finale when Lana Winters introduces Lee as her special guest for an exclusive interview. (amazing to see Sarah Paulson as Lana again from season 2 Asylum). The interview is brutally disturbed by the Polk who kills and gets killed.


After that we see a program introduction called Chasing Spirits… we follow three people that are trespassing the house from My Roanoke Nightmare to make their documentary…. with a special guest, the actor that played Cricket in the reenactment. Of course on the evening before the Blood Moon. They find Lee in the house looking for her daughter. Creepy and scary things start to happen and the Spirit Chasers try to escape but get killed.

Lee is still in the house with Flora surrounded by the police and a live news broadcast. The world thinks that Flora is a hostage now from her own mom. And what we knew all along….. not Lee is the last person surviving but her own daughter (she told us herself )is the one walking out of that house alive. Lee gave her life to keep Priscilla safe so Flora could live a full life and get out of there.

Was I satisfied? No!….. okay is was a very complete end to this incredible story but to be honest this was the least interesting episode, too many flashbacks…. and I still have a lot of questions.

Luckily we won’t have to wait long for next season. What does Ryan Murphy have in store for us? Check this link.

Season 7 will start in Spring 2017 Season 7 will have some main characters from Freak Show Season 7 and 8 will have huge connections to other seasons There will be a crossover season from too previous ones; Coven & Murder House Ryan is working on a secret season only he and 1 other writer knows about.


” So a lot of American Horror Story to come “

My top 6 of the seasons so far….

  1. Asylum
  2. Roanoke
  3. Murder House
  4. Hotel
  5. Freak Show
  6. Coven

See you again in Spring 2017

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