Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 08 ‘The Room Where It Happens’

Written by M.

“There’s this family in Italy who never slept.
They suffered from a genetic disease that kept them awake for months,
until their bodies just shut down.
Even after all these years,
scientists still don’t really know why we sleep.

We just know we have to sleep.
Because without it, we make poor decisions,
we say things we shouldn’t.

And sometimes we see things that aren’t there.”

I’m sorry but this was just one boring episode, which happens a lot. The episode before the winter finale, is almost always boring.

In this episode, we only see Meredith, Owen, Stephanie and Richard of the doctors. In the operating room, they are trying to save the life of a John Doe. Richard refuses to view him as a John Doe and makes the other surgeons create a story about this patient.

For Richard, the patient becomes his mother, a young mother of three, who died way to young from pancreatic cancer.
For Owen, this patient reminds him of his sister and how they were operating together in the army.
Meredith remembers how she told Zola and Bailey that their father was dead.
And Stephanie remembers her life as a child, growing up with a disease in the hospital. And because of this, she is the one who’s able to safe John Doe’s life.


Yes, the memory of Meredith was heartbreaking and seeing Derek in the end was even worse. And Meredith pulling rank over the other surgeons was interesting. But good God, this was one long boring episode.

“We’ve all hit that point of exhaustion,
the point where nothing makes sense anymore.
Your body hurts, your brain becomes foggy,
and you feel like you’re trapped in a tunnel
when all you want is your bed.

So how do you keep going? How do you not just sit down and give up?
Sometimes it’s easy.
Sometimes you play games in your head.
You make up someone, someone good.
Whatever you need to keep you going.”

Next week


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