Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 06 ‘Roar’

Written by M.

“You know that story where a child gets trapped under a car and their parent finds the superhuman strength to lift the car and save the child’s life?
I always wondered if that was real.
If someone I cared about was hurt or trapped, would my instincts kick in? Would I know what to do?
Would I lift the car? Jump in front of the bullet?
Would I be able to beat somebody senseless?
I like to think I would.”

Guess who’s back?!?! Leah Murphy!
Yes, that’s right, the intern who got sacked for sucking and who made complaints about the attendings, she’s now back as a resident. But she kicks ass this time around.


And so is Catherine, who apparently has a say about the running’s of the hospital. And threatens Bailey that if she doesn’t take any steps to replacing Alex, she will. When did this happen? Isn’t this what the board is for? She’s not on the board, she placed Jackson on the board in the name of her foundation.
In the end of the day, Bailey stands up to Catherine and tells her she won’t be firing Alex. That’s when Catherine tells her there is a fundamental flaw in the way they teach their residents and that they need to fix it, without Richard, the head of the residency program.


Let’s just face it, Alex is a true doctor. Even standing in line at the courthouse, talking to a woman for 30 seconds he’s able to see that a pregnant lady has pancreatic cancer. And Alex’s pushes his boundaries making sure this woman get the best care there is. And when she’s in surgery, he is able to calm down the baby daddy who is freaking out about raising his kid on his own. When Amelia breaks about losing a young boy, she tells Alex about the son she had in L.A. who lived for 43 minutes. And how Owen’s heart broke when the pregnancy test came back negative, while she was so relieved. Alex is there for her and lets her tell her story, for the first time. And at the end of the day, he tells Meredith how he wants family time, every Sunday, her, him, the kids, Pearson and Amelia, as long as he’s still here with them.
This is the mature Alex, the Alex we love.


“But sometimes the threat isn’t physical.
Sometimes it goes deeper.
In which case, no instincts can save you.
No superhuman strength.
No adrenaline rush.
You can’t power your way out from under the crashing car.
All you can do is sit and wait
and wish things were different.”

And also

  • How panicked was Arizona when she saw Murphy, very entertaining.
  • But I do seriously hope Murphy won’t end up as the new big love for Arizona. Been there done that, let’s move on to someone better.
  • I said it once and I’ll say it again, I like Meredith and Alex together.
    But if they do get together, it has to be a happily ever after thing. I don’t think I can handle it if they end up on opposite sides.
  • No lies this week from Meredith about her and Nathan, so we’re still stuck on 5.

Next week;


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