Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 08 ‘A Shot Heard Round the World’

Written by M.

Wow, does this episode start out with a bang! Antonio’s swan song, and what a song this was.
If you missed this episode, make sure you to watch it. It’s one of those episode that’s the reason why we love this show so much.

So much has happened this episode that I don’t really know where to start. It’s starts with Halstead and Lindsay trying to have breakfast with Bonnie so she can get to know Halstead on a personal level, now he and Lindsay are living together. Breakfast is called short when a cop is shot and they need to respond. Turns out, there is a copkiller into town. And after the first cop dies, he tricks the unit and other streetcops into an alley and shoots another cop. Crowley puts her reservations towards Voight aside and puts him in charge of this citywide search. The shooter is the son of a cop who was shot in the line of duty years ago, who Voight and Olinsky knew. Mentally not stable he views that everything that went wrong in his life is the fault of the Chicago Police Department. He goes back the house he grew up in, takes a mother and child hostage and rigs the house with explosives, hoping to kills as many cops as possible. Voight tries the calm the young man down, opening up about how his own father was shot in the line of duty and how he also wants to do his father proud as a cop. When this doesn’t work, he reluctantly gives Olinsky the order to shoot the man, in order to keep everybody else safe.
After this the Chicago community comes together at night with candles to honor the 2 cops who died today in the line of duty. Voight takes a moment to remember his father, Olinsky honors the father of the shooter and Antonio pays his respect to his former partner Julia Willhite, who was shot in the first episode. After this, the gang comes together at Molly’s to say goodbye to Antonio as a colleague and Voight tells Burgess she’s expected upstairs at the Intelligence Unit on Monday morning.

Chicago P.D.

To me, this was one of the best episode ever, since it gave so many emotions. I felt anger, scared, sad and love. It made me feel for Voight when he had to make the call to shoot the shooter, while he was hoping to keep him alive. It made me feel for Halstead when he got so mad about somebody shooting cops. It made me feel for Olinsky who remember all of the cops he knew who lost their lives in the line of duty. I felt the numbness that Burgess felt, seeing the cop rolling into the hospital. And her excitement when Voight told her she would be part of the Intelligence Unit starting Monday. I even felt for Burgess’ partner, who got so scared of not making it home alive that he’d rather gave up his badge than to risk his life again. Even if that meant, not being able to be there for his colleagues. I may not have liked him, but this exit was sad.

Platt gave a moving speech for all the cops at the 21st district.

“Every day you risk your lives for this city,
for the people you love,
for your families, your friends
and for strangers and for those who resent you.
Your job is to still protect them, no threat changes that.
You serve.
You protect.
And you ALL come home tonight”


Take a moment today and think about all those people out there who’ve made it their life’s work to protect you and all those around you. Wherever you live, they are working to keep the world a safer place. We may not like all of them, but we do need to respect each and every one of them.

Chicago P.D. will go on hiatus and will be back on January 4th.

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