Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 9 Days Left

Written by M.



We’re actually in the single digits now! On to Crash Course Lesson #23

The Gilmore Way to Party!

Let’s face it, in the seven years of Gilmore Girls we’ve seen some awesome parties. And we wish we were invited to each and every one of them. If you want to organize a party the way the Gilmores do, you can do this in several ways.


Do you want to throw an elegant party like Emily would do, make sure you sent out invitations, preferable with pearls or lace. As for food, there should at least be salmon puffs and do remember that garnish should NEVER be on the serving trays! Invite the friends of the guest of honor, though it will be a good idea to ask the guest of honor who he/she would like to have there. Don’t worry about learning all of their names, just remember one and call the other by how they look, like for instance ‘Rory’s Asian friend’. Besides those friends, make sure your own friends are invited as well. Also make sure to let the guest of honor know that a little speech is expected. And don’t forgot to name a drink after the guest of honor. And of course the dress should be a fancy one. Make sure the men come in suits and the women really dress up.

Then there’s the Bachelorette Party.
Invite friends, some family and some random other girls who you’ve never seen before. Make sure that everybody is wearing a shiny tiara, pink Bachelorette T-shirts, necklaces with flashing lights, Hawaiian flower necklaces and of course pink boa’s. Make sure you have all the essentials; beer, more beer, pretzels & beer, various chocolate treats, alternative alcohol for those who don’t like beer and beer. And for entertainment, you watch American Gigolo, preferable on a big screen, but make sure you watch it from the beginning! If you miss the beginning, you cannot watch it! Risking missing the full frontal of mister Richard Gere is not an option. Of course there is the option to go to somebody’s basement afterwards and join the men’s Bachelor party, but there is a better option. Go to a stripclub and if anyone is underage, just lie and say she’s an international supermodel. And be sure that the bride to be calls her ex-boyfriend, you know, just because. And of course there is a goody bag for everyone with painkillers in there for the next morning’s hangover.


But what if you’re turning 21 and want to celebrate this the right way?
Go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, sit down at a table at midnight and start playing 21 at the moment you’re turning 21. Then, buy 21 items from your winnings and make sure you get the phone numbers of 21 guys. These are just some Gilmore Girls examples, but I’m sure you can think of more, like drink 21 shots, though that probably isn’t the best idea, but you get my drift.

Then you can also always go for a themed party, whether it’s for a fundraiser or a birthday, themed is always good, though make sure the theme goes with the crowd. For instance a ‘teddy bear tea party’ theme will probably not have been the best idea for a fundraiser given by Emily’s DAR. Then a ‘Russian Tea Party’ will probably work better, get a some people to play Russian folks music and you’re good. Or for instance the ’40’s USO Fundraiser’. Get your staff in a 40’s costume, get some ladies to sing 40’s music, place a huge picture here and there and people will throw you the money. Or if you want to spice things up a little, or you’re guest are a little younger, go with a ‘Casino Theme’. Place a Roulette and Blackjack table and serve Martini’s.


But if you’re planning a kids birthday party you should probably change your theme. Go with a ‘Fiesta Theme’, get a piñata and eat taco’s. Or go with an ‘Outer Space Theme’ and make space suits out of garbage bags. Play a game as ‘Pin the tail on the Mouse’ because who wants to pin the tail on the Donkey.  Then there’s the birthday cake with the face of the birthday kid on it, food fights, Twister and you cannot go wrong with freeze dried ice cream. You give the birthday boy/girl a Russian Ushanka as a birthday crown. Or go simple and give all the girls a makeover, success guaranteed. Follow it by a big screen movie at home and turn the party into a sleepover and you will have given the best party of the year. And always make sure you have enough ice, you cannot have too much ice.

And planning a party for the young adults? Themes as ‘England’, ‘Felony’ or a random year like ‘2002’ are always a good idea. And if all else fails, go ice skating in Central Park.


If you’re throwing a babyshower, make sure you have enough onesies to go around, especially given the ‘first pancake phenomenon’. If the baby momma is put on bed rest, don’t worry, get some wheels under the bed and push her, in the bed, to the party. And if you’re broke and don’t have that much money for decorations, be creative. Get a ‘Happy New Year’ banner, stripe out Year and write down ‘Baby’. Easter cups, decorated with baby chicks could stand for the celebration of new life and get some plane blue of pink balloons, easy does it.

Of course, with every party there is the risk of the next morning’s hangover. Use the painkillers, but be sure to get some hangover food. The best hangover foods are; Taco’s, Beef Burrito’s (although I’m more a chicken burrito girl myself), Fries and Chocolate Pancakes. Nobody does hangover food better than the Gilmores. Actually, eating is something that nobody does better than the Gilmores. Whether it’s four Thanksgiving dinners, movie nights, Friday nights dinners or anything else, these girls know how to eat.

But whatever party you’re planning, make sure everybody in Stars Hollow is available!

And whatever you do, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay away from Miss Patty’s Founders Day Punch!

Have love,

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