Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 06 ‘Some Friends’

Written by M.

Can I just start off with saying I want Tay back? Burgess’s new partner is a douchebag and I formed that opinion in the first minute. Please tell me we get to see more of Tay.

Chicago P.D.

Lindsay’s father will make his way into the show, first signs; a bouquet of daisies and a call from Eastern Kansas.

Chicago P.D.

Tough case for Olinsky this week, since a young woman was found dead at the house of a friend. A friend he helped with a DUI and who wants his help on this also. But Commander Crowly has other plans and tells him to stay away from this case or she wants his badge. I guess there are consequences for Voight going after the murderer of his son Justin. I was wondering when it would come back around, though I think the worst is still to come. But you know, Olinsky is Olinsky and keeps going on his own. And he solves the case, his friend killed the girl by accident. After this Olinsky gives his badge to Crowley and he is suspended for 10 days.

“Welcome to the new and approved Chicago Police Department.”

Kim shows her softer side when she sticks up for a former cop, who now homeless and derailed. But she can’t make the charge go away, so she joins her for the night in lockup.

Next week is the fall finale and it’s a double episode.
Let’s hope the episode is as exciting as the promo promises it to be


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