Chicago P.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 05 ‘A War Zone’

Written by M.

I have to say, the promo makers of Chicago P.D. are masters of art. The promo made it out as an high anticipated exciting episode. But actually, it was boring as hell.
The most exciting thing was to see that Mouse is still with the unit, but I guess this is what happens when they start joggling the episodes. And they edited his goodbye scene out of the episode. In my opinion, I don’t think the army is the best place for Mouse, seeing how he blew up when Jay was talking to him about it.


Julie had the shortest career at the 21st district in history, which is too bad. I really liked her and Kim together as partners. But this did trigger Kim to walk up to Voight and tell that she wants to join his unit and that she’s ready for it now. Now we just need to wait for Antonio do fly away.

Platt really showed her softer side dealing with the young boy and I like this side of her. It’s refreshing to see.

This week I found some resemblance between Ruzek and me. When he asked

“Any word on why he allows himself to be called Scoot?”

Everybody just looked at him as if he is crazy, but I’m like that as well. I wonder about the same kind of things. Ruzek had a wrong start with all the engagements, but he’s really growing on me.


What will happen in 2 weeks?


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