This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 06 ‘Career Days’

Written by M.

This week This is Us surprised me again. This time, because I actually laughed out loud and that’s something I haven’t done with this series yet. And it was a Toby free episode, so yeah for me ;)

This week I applaud Kate. We’ve gotten a little insight to her present relationship with her mother and it’s not good. And it goes back to her childhood where Kate hated her mother for being skinny where she was not. Something a lot of people can relate to, at least I can. I don’t hate my mother for being skinny, I actually look a lot like her. But when I see friends pig out and not gain a single pound, that does make me mad. I already gain weight by looking at food and it feels so unfair.
But Kate also made some big steps this week. First of all, the enormous stairway she had to climb in order to get up to a house for a job interview.

“There’s no way in hell. This job better be worth it. See you world, it’s been real.”

But not only did she make up the stairs and get the job. She also stood up to her new boss’s daughter, who really is a privileged snob. She stood up for herself when that girl talked her down. So applause for Kate, keep up the good work!


The story of Jack and Rebecca focused more on Jack this week. How he handled the news that Randall is a gifted child and needs another education than Kate and Kevin. And it focused on Jack’s job. Why he took an office job, needing to wear a tie every day. And why he took a promotion over starting his own business. It clear that Jack dreams of a career as an architect, developing homes, but he joins Miguel as project manager, to make sure Randall could get the education he needs.

This is Us - Season 1

Once again this show, showed how natural parenthood is for Jack. He may struggle here and there and needs insight from other people. But his talk with Randall about how smart he is, that is true natural parenting.


Randall is speaking at Tess’s Career Day at school, even though the girls would rather have William or Kevin speaking there, because they find their father’s job boring. In order to make his talk at the school more cool, Randall turned his speech into a song. And let’s  be clear, Randall does not have one musical bone in him. So when he sits behind the piano and tries to sing, he pretty much makes a fool out of himself.
Funniest thing to happen in the series thus far; The next morning Randall tells his family that he is gonna take piano lesson and that there will be a recital in the spring. When he walks away Tess asks her mother “What was that?”. And Beth answers

“That was a midlife crisis baby, but just a little one, so go and eat your waffles”

William is laughing out loud and Beth, who is stunned about what just happened also can’t keep her face straight, laughing.

All characters in this series are great and really thought out, but Kevin is becoming my favorite. Each week we get to see another side of him, which makes him very interesting. This week he was struggling yet again as a theater actor. In order to help him show his emotions on stage, Olivia took him to a memorial service. But it’s not Olivia that makes him open up, it’s the woman of the house, the widow. He shares his story about how angry he was when his father died and that he threw so many things of him and his dad away. And that he is now left with one single thing, a necklace that belonged to his father and that he is unable to take it off. After this conversation he finds a quit spot in the house and is found by Olivia. And they end up having sex in the widow’s bed, because that is the respectful thing to do at a memorial service. The next day, at rehearsal, Olivia tells him that what happened between them, will never happen again. That she is his wife and she is dead. When he admits that that makes him feel sad, she just says “Great. Use. That.”

This Is Us - Season 1


  • Are there more people that can’t wait for Randall’s Spring recital, or is it just me?
  • How adorable was little Randall in his suit.
  • Did anyone else notice the flaw in the kitchen of Randall and Beth?
    From the outside you see a cabinet door and a drawer. But there is nothing behind it.


The next episode is in two weeks, what will come?

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