This is Us Season 1 – Review of episode 05 ‘The Game Plan’

Written by M.

Finally, this week we get to meet present day Jack. Fans of the show have been wondering about this since present day Rebecca showed up with Miguel. But let’s start at the beginning.

This Is Us - Season 1

Randall and Kevin need to get into therapy together. Whenever they’re together it becomes awkward and tact has flown out of the window. They have no idea how to act around each other and it really shows how screwed up their relationship is. And it this point, it seems as if Kevin is the only one willing to work on his relationship with Randall, where Randall just tolerates Kevin being at his home, but wants him out as soon as possible. While Randall and Beth enjoy Kevin’s luxurious hotel room for the night, Kevin and William take care of the kids, and boy, do they screw up. Kevin really has no idea what it means to have or take care of kids. He ends up telling the girls that their parents are gonna die, which off course really upsets them. And though William does a little better, he also isn’t capable of taking care of the kids. William does however gives Kevin some insight to who he is and how he looks at himself. This triggers Kevin to step up and talk to the girls to calm them and ease their minds. He opens up to the girls of his ritual when he gets a script, something nobody knows, and ends up giving them a loving speech about life and death and all of them being connected. It doesn’t make up the mess he created earlier, but it does calm the girls down and we get to see a new layer of Kevin.

Randall and Beth get to use Kevin’s luxurious hotel room for the night and Randall is over the moon about it and has some dirty plans for Beth and him that night. That’s when Beth shocks him by telling him her period is late. And OMG that face of Randall, it’s priceless. It goes from being the happiest person in the world (because of the hotel room) to being the most freaked out and grossed out person in the world.


Turns out it’s a false alarm, but it is one that makes Randall and Beth talk about what they want in life, now and in the future. I found it a very moving story line, showing that being pregnant isn’t always planned and can freak out people.


Toby has some serious issues. By now you know I’m not his biggest fan, but last week’s episode made me like him a little better. This week he screwed up it up with me again. I consider him to be a little child, since he really doesn’t listen when somebody is speaking to him and only hears what he wants to hear. Kate tells him that she watches football by herself, that that is her thing, how she likes it. But all he hears is ‘I’m watching by myself because nobody wants to watch with me, please invite me over’.
Then when they are at the over-eaters meeting, he interrupts the woman who is sharing her story, so he can ask Kate to come to his ‘Steelers Football Party’, even though he doesn’t even watch football. When she reluctantly agrees and comes, you pause the game and want your friend to tell the story about how you guys ended up at an Ashlee Simpson concert? Dude seriously? If you want to get to know the woman you like, then maybe you should start by listening. Instead of constantly dragging her out of her comfort zone, let her invite you into her comfort zone. Than after you get to know her, you can start by getting her out of her comfort zone. But you guys are still in the getting to know each other faze, take a step back for a minute and look at the woman you are interested in. Are you interested in her because of who she is or are you interest in the woman you want her to be? OK, this was me ranting about Toby for this week.

So from the earlier episodes we know that Jack becomes an alcoholic, but from what we’ve seen this episode is that Rebecca really likes her booze as well. It was Rebecca who grabbed the bottle of alcohol to do shots in bed in the morning. She is the only who’s totally excited about the free drinks at the bar and after the sang at the bar, she’s the one craving shots. Sure this was when it was just Rebecca and Jack and they didn’t have kids yet, but still. To me, this shows that Rebecca was also on the road to becoming an alcoholic and Jack didn’t get this problem on his own.  She only knew to stop when the kids came in.

This Is Us - Season 1

As for the fight between Jack and Rebecca, I’m with the random guy at the bar. If you’re watching the Superbowl at a bar that is packed with people, watching the game, don’t start a conversation/discussion/fight about whether or not you want kids. However, when Jack and Miguel ended up watching the end of the game together at the bar, Miguel asked the right question to Jack, is it a deal-breaker if Rebecca doesn’t want kids. That’s when Jack realizes how much he loves Rebecca. And he’d rather be with her and not have kids, than to not be with her and have kids. He finds Rebecca outside and tells her this, and shares his childhood memory of watching football with his father. And he wants to do this with his kids as well. Rebecca admits she sees kids when she imagines their future. Not much later they are getting dirty in the bar’s bathroom, conceiving Kevin and Kate.

So where is Jack in this episode? Turns out Kate still watches the game every Sunday with her dad. The heartbreaking part is, that Jack isn’t actually there anymore. She watches the game with the urn that holds Jack ashes. Yes, that’s right. This show threw us another curveball and this one was heartbreaking. Can they hold this up?


We’ll find out next week.

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