Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 11 Days Left

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And on to Crash Course Lesson #21

87 Facts about Gilmore Girls you may not know.

It’s always fun to read about fact of your favorite show and find out if you are the ultimate fan. If you’re not, than you learn something new.

  1. Alex Borstein was originally cast as Sookie.
  2. Borstein made several cameo appearances in the show, including the role of Drella (the harpist of the Independence Inn and Emily’s stylist Miss Celine.
  3. Borstein’s husband is Jackson Douglas, who played the role of Jackson, the produce man and later Sookie’s husband.
  4. The role of Jackson started out as a 3 episode guest star role. But after ASP saw the chemistry between him and Melissa McCarthy, his character was turned into a recurring role.
  5. ASP had to ‘fight’ to get Melissa McCarthy to play Sookie. Not because people didn’t like her, but because she was a different energy.
  6. One of the casting directors couldn’t keep it together when Melissa McCarthy came in to audition for Sookie.
  7. Jenji Kohan, who is now the showrunner for Orange Is the New Black, was a producer on the first 12 episodes of Gilmore Girls.
  8. Liza Weil originally auditioned for the role of Rory. ASP liked her so much, she created the role of Paris for her.
  9. The show referenced 339 books, not including The Subsect written by the character Jess Mariano.
  10. Average TV episode scripts are 45-50 pages, but because of the fast paced dialogue, the scripts of Gilmore Girls were often 75-80 pages.
  11. The dialogue was so tricky on Gilmore Girls, they hired George Bell, a dialogue coach, to help with the words.
  12. After years of serving as the show’s dialogue coach, George Bell was cast as Professor Bell at the last minute.
  13. When you see characters talking on the phone in the revival, there’s a very good chance they’re talking to Bell behind the scenes.
  14. According to Bell, Lauren Graham was the quickest to adopt the show’s fast-pace talking style.
  15. Lauren Graham sometimes opted for water instead of coffee, because she already drank a lot of caffeine off set.
  16. Alexis Bledel actually hates coffee. She had her cup filled with coke throughout the show.
  17. Alexis Bledel had never acted before she was cast.
  18. The set for Stars Hollow, located on the Warner Bros. backlot, was originally built for the 1946 movie Saratoga Trunk.
  19. Other sets that were reused for the show included those from The Music Man and The Waltons.
  20. ASP wrote Jess into the show so that Lorelai and Luke had yet another reason to not date yet.
  21. Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia dated in real life for 3 years.
  22. A Jess spin-off, Windward Circle, almost happened, but was scrapped because the price was too high, due to filming at Venice Beach.
  23. The character of Lane is based on ASP’s best friend, Helen Pai, a producer of the show.
  24. Lane’s band, Hep Alien, is an anagram of Pai’s name.
  25. Keiko Agena, who plays Lane Kim, is Japanese, not Korean, and was born in Hawaii.
  26. When the show premiered, Agena was 27 – only 5 years younger than Lorelai in the pilot episode.
  27. Alexis Bledel is Argentinian and Spanish is her first language. So Rory’s stilted Spanish was a lie.
  28. Alexis Bledel didn’t learn English until elementary school.
  29. Yanic Truesdale, who play Michel Gerard, the French manager at the Independence Inn and Dragonfly Inn, is French-Canadian.
  30. Although hints are dropped, Michel is never officially outed as gay in the show.
  31. He is however officially outed as a huge fan of Celine Dion.
  32. Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily Gilmore, won a Tony Award for her performance in A Chorus Line. Emily’s love of musicals is a nod to this fact.
  33. Former porn stars and actress Traci Lords played the Dragonfly Inn’s interior designer.
  34. Danny Strong, who plays Doyle McMaster, editor of the Yale Daily News and Paris’ boyfriend, a screenwriter in real life. He was co-writer for Lee Daniels: The Butler and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2.
  35. The character of Luke was originally supposed to be a woman with a minor role named Daisy.
  36. Luke wears a baseball cap because Scott Patterson played in the minor leagues for the Yankees, Dodgers and Rangers before he became an actor.
  37. Luke had a closet full of flannel shirts, but only one hat, which got lost pretty often.
  38. According to ASP, the iconic theme song by Carole King had been retired by the singer before the show started because she no longer liked the idea of a woman following a man, which was the song’s initial narrative.
  39. Carole King recorded the version of her song “Where You Lead”, used for the show’s theme, with her daughter, Louise Goffin.
  40. Jared Padalecki was the third Dean.
  41. Padalecki grew taller in between Seasons 1 and 2, which presented a challenge to the crew.
  42. The costume designers only had about a day to make those PJs with Jackson’s high school wrestling photos all over them. They used high school pictures of Jackson Douglas and photoshopped his head on the wrestling photo’s of a crew’s family member.
  43. There is a fanfiction out there about a romance between Gypsy and Andrew.
  44. Rose Abdoo’s personal belief throughout the show is that her character Gypsy had a thing for Lorelai.
  45. Ryan Gosling once bombed an audition for the show.
  46. ASP didn’t like Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel showing much midriff, despite the trends of the era leaning toward low-riding pants and high-rising shirt hems.
  47. When Casey and Rudofksy first met creator ASP, she was hanging out in her trailer in an “I Fucked Your Boyfriend” T-shirt.
  48. Sally Struthers, who plays Babette, and Ted Rooney, who plays Morey, went to the same high school in Portland, Oregon. Rooney’s dad was one of Struthers’ teachers.
  49. Those town meetings sometimes took full 20-hour days to film.
  50. Sally Struthers invented a game called “What’s In My Purse?” where other cast members would have to guess the random items of her handbag.
  51. Biff Yaeger, who plays Tom, auditioned to play Taylor Doose in the first season.
  52. When Rami Malek was trying to land his now-famous role on the show, it was via a headshot on which he’d written, “You should really meet me, because I’m great.”
  53. The dresses seen in the iconic “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” episode were also used in the cotillion episode earlier in the series. They reused those white dresses and dyed them for the season 5 scene.
  54. According to the writers, the reason we never meet Lane’s father in the original series is that it just never came up in the writers room.
  55. Gilmore Girls writer/producer Sheila Lawrence said “The Netflix reboot is all about Mr. Kim”.
  56. The pilot was filmed in a suburb just outside of Toronto.
  57. Scott Patterson channeled his father to play Luke Danes.
  58. Lauren Graham did the same, modeling Lorelai after her “friendship” with her dad.
  59. Chris Pine auditioned to play Rory’s dad Christopher.
  60. John Lennon’s “Oh My Love,” which plays during Rory and Dean’s breakup scene in season one, cost $20,000 to use. And this was only approved after Yoko Ono reviewed script pages and tapes from the program.
  61. Liza Weil and Danny Strong went to Krav Maga boot camp for a month for few precious moments of a season six episode (“The Perfect Dress”) and got really ripped.
  62. The series finale had a nice Luke’s Diner throwback to the pilot. According to Lauren Graham, the Gilmore Girls cast and crew actually “went back and watched the pilot” for inspiration.
  63. Aris Alvarado, who plays Ceasar, a cook at Luke’s Diner, also played one of Rory’s classmates in the background at Rory’s dance.
  64. Todd Lowe, who plays Zack van Gerbig, has a lot in common with his character. He is seen doing hair flips, rocking with his guitar and even has his own band, called LA Hootenanny.
  65. And he’s pretty grateful that The O.C. happened, causing Adam Brody, who played Dave Rygalski, to leave the show.
  66. John Cabrera, who plays Brian Fuller, didn’t actually know how to play the bass. Before every episode, John would have to learn the finger formations for the songs Brian was playing, but his bass wasn’t plugged in – someone else would always be playing off-camera.
  67. Hep Alien has a slogan; ‘We’re out there’.
  68. Sean Gunn, who plays Kirk, says his favorite Kirk job was the sports announcer at the hockey game, because he secretly always wanted to announce a sports game.
  69. Sean Gunn and John Cabrera are friends off-set, and Sean actually officiated John’s wedding.
  70. Lauren Graham was warned about playing a mom because people would think she’s be too old.
  71. People praised the chemistry and physical closeness between Graham and Bledel, but there is actually a very logical reason for this: Bledel was just starting out acting and had a tougher time making her marks, so the veteran Graham often physically moved Bledel to make sure she was in the right place.
  72. The exterior shots of the adorable building of The Dragonfly Inn was sometimes the family home of the iconic ’70s series The Waltons, as well as Aunt Carol’s house on Pretty Little Liars, as shown above.
  73. The Gilmore Girls sometimes had to use spit buckets for all the junk food.
  74. The cast didn’t always understand the pop culture references, but they went with it.
  75. In the first season finale, Lorelai received 1000 Yellow Daisies as part of a marriage proposal. But the shot required many more flowers than that. “A thousand yellow daisies actually sounds like a lot,” ASP told EW, “but when you put a thousand yellow daisies in a big room, like our set, it’s kind of like a table arrangement. Three or four times we had to send people back to get yellow daisies. I think we wiped out yellow daisies on the West Coast.”.
  76. Chilton student Brad Langford disappeared toward the end the season 2, through much of season 3. His character explained his absence by saying that he had been starring in Into the Woods on Broadway. It turns out that wasn’t much of a stretch—Adam Wylie, who played Brad, actually had been starring in that show during that time.
  77. Lauren Graham’s favorite scenes to shoot were the Friday Night dinners. Especially when they involved Kelly Bishop, who played Emily, arguing with her. But the shoots were long, involving multiple camera angles, and, she said, “The food was always terrible.”
  78. Lauren Graham was given a producer role in the final season.
  79. She requested that changes be made to the series finale script. She thought the episode was too light.
  80. After it was clear that the show wasn’t going to continue beyond season 7, a spin off with Rory was considered. Graham had officially told the producers that she would not be returning, but discussed the possibility of producing a show about Rory. Eventually, they deemed the whole thing too complicated.
  81. The cast is really divided over which guy Rory should end up with. Most cast members said Team Jess. Sean Gunn expressed his admiration for Logan and Liz Torres, who plays Miss Patty, said she was team Dean. Rose Abdoo said “I’m TEAM RORY”.
  82. Alexis Bledel is not team Logan, Jess of Dean. In an awesome reveal, Bledel refused to participate in the obsession many Gilmore Girls fans have about Rory’s love interests, instead saying in a reunion interview with Janet Shamlian of The Today Show that she imagined Rory “seeing someone new, or she’d be single and focused on her career.”
  83. The entire cast applaused after the final table read for the revival, something that does not happen often at the television table reads.
  84. More importantly, no one wanted to leave. Everyone wanted to stay in that moment forever.
  85. ASP has never seen the seventh and last season.
  86. Before she left the show ASP had a very specific last line she wanted for the series finale.
  87. Originally she was saving that line for a potential movie, but it’s now used as the end of the revival series.

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