American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 09’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

It is daytime in the North Carolina woods; 2 guys and a girl fully equipped with Go Pro’s, camping gear and their cell phones who are major fans of The Roanoke Nightmare are destined to find something they have seen on the show to boost their website and to gain more viewers. (and yes there she is, Taissa Farmiga) The very unsteady camera movements give us a scary chaotic kind of feeling to their journey, remember Blair Witch. Out of nowhere ahead of them they see a young woman that looks hurt…. but she(of course) is running away so they run after her to help her. They run towards a crashed car and get totally freaked out when they see the girl in the car now, dead, but wait that’s the assistant from Sydney that got attacked in her car by The Pig man. Wow!! very clever move to integrate the past into reality (again).


Last week’s cliffhanger was The Pig Man at the front door of the house but under the pigs head we found Dylan…. the actor that played The Butchers son in the reenactment (Wes Bentley). Sydney told him to be there for additional shock value to the show. The 2 survivors in the house (still not gonna tell you who that is ;p ) explain to Dylan that the show became reality and all the others are dead. They create a plan to get the hell out of there and decide to steal one of the Polk’s cars.


From here on it is all horror and deaths and as you all know by now, only one will survive….. but who? I can tell you the 3 hikers definitely not. And Dylan neither.
As Ryan promised us Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) from season 2 Asylum will join this season in the last episode. A Lana Winters Special.
Still on our minds, is there only one survivor or are we all fooled or is there only one death?? There are so many twist this season that even till the last minute we are not sure if what we are seeing is what we are seeing.


Next Wednesday on the season finale of American Horror Story ; Roanoke

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