Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 13 Days Left


Written by M.



Crash Course Lesson #20

Who is Michel Gerard?

He’s French, he’s persnickety and he loves Celine Dion, but for seven seasons of Gilmore Girls Michel Gerard largely remained a mystery.

Michel is the concierge of the Independence Inn and later the Dragonfly Inn. He is often grumpy, sarcastic, unpleasant, and a militant health nut, but always manages to remain somewhat lovable somehow. He finds other French people odious and hopes that his suits will be a deduction when the inn has to cut down on spending. He accompanies Lorelai and Sookie through all of their business ventures. As Lorelai once put it:

“We are addicted to you.”

He also has two dogs, Paw-Paw and Chin-Chin. Chin-Chin passed away in the 7th season and Michel was stricken with grief in his own Michel way.

Despite being on the show for all seven season, there is still so much we don’t know about Michel. But we can be relieved, Yanic Truesdale has confirmed that we will learn more about Michel’s back story. He even teased about a possible romance for Michel, I think it’s about damn time!

So what do we know? Here are some fun facts

  • Afraid of swans: cause he was attack when he was a kid.
  • Michel loves Celine Dion and has seen her in concert six times.
  • He hates children, but volunteered to look after Davey due to paranoid feelings about Tobin.
  • Michel lived in France until he was 17, after which he left for unknown reasons.
  • A ballerina and an ensemble performed at his graduation.
  • He and his mother are very close-they always go shopping together, watch movies, and gossip whenever she’s in town.
  • A notorious health freak, he’s known to reject omelets if they aren’t made from only egg whites. He’ll count the blueberries in his pancakes as well. One time, he weighed what he was going to eat due to hearing that it would help extend a rat’s life and thus his. Also, he freaked out once upon hearing that his fat free creamer was actually two percent, and ran in place to try and burn off the excess calories.
  • He loves to dance.

Have love,

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