Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 17 Days Left

Written by M.



Crash Course Lesson #17

The Gilmore Guide to Friendship

The Gilmore Girls has taught us many things. Whether you’ve watched it when the series started or are just starting to watch it now, Gilmore Girls will teach you things you will take with you for the rest of your life.

One of the things Gilmore Girls is known for is friendship. We have seen so many wonderful friendships, each of them unique. So today we get into some of these friendship and I introduce you to some of the other people in the series that I haven’t yet introduced.

We have Sookie St. James, who is Lorelai’s best friend, besides Rory of course. She is the chef of the Independence Inn and later of the Dragon Fly Inn, which she co-owns with Lorelai. They have been friends for years and have been talking about opening their own inn years before the first episode. Sookie is bubbly, fun, quirky, enthusiastic, a brilliant chef and a great friend. Whenever Lorelai needs anything, Sookie is there to help and support her. When Lorelai is in need for money for Rory’s tuition at Chilton, Sookie offers up her car to sell for money. This is just one of the many many examples that shows the love that Sookie has for Lorelai and Rory. At the beginning of the series, Sookie is single and has been single for years. After a remark on that by Lorelai, which she regrets immediately, Sookie gets up the courage to ask out Jackson Belleville, the local produce supplier. Both passionate about their profession, they argued more than once about the quality of the produce, but despite all that, their romance blossoms. The get married at the end of season 2 and at the end of the series they form a family with their kids Davey, Martha and expecting their third child.

Lane Kim is Rory’s best friend, besides Lorelai and they’ve been friends since kindergarten, when Lane offered to share her crayons with Rory. Their friendship is solid as it has survived Rory’s transfer to Chilton, Rory dating Dean causing her to have less time with Lane and her move to Yale.
Lane is raised by her very strict mother, Mrs. Kim, who disapproves of such secular items as rock music and junk food, both of which Lane loves. She hid all her rock CD’s, make-up, and forbidden clothing under her floorboards, in her closet and under the mattress in her bedroom. Rory once helped Lane when she impulsively dyed her hair purple to rebel against her mother. And then dyed it back to black when Lane panics over what her mother would think. There is so much to Lane, which you will all learn about on a later time. Right now I just want to share the toast Rory gave at Lane’s wedding.

Hi, everyone, I’m Rory Gilmore. I’m the maid of honor.
I’m not one for speeches and I don’t have any incriminating picture of Lane, but I do have this letter.
This letter was written in 1995 by one Lane Kim.
It was slipped into my hands during a spelling test in Miss Melon’s class. I was so shocked by its contents that I missed the word automobile — o-t-t-o-mobile —
That’s right Lane, I remember.
I will now share with you the contents of this letter.
‘Dear Rory, how was your lunch? Mine was bad. Did you have ham again? I you did, I am sorry, but mine was worse.
I thought you should know that today at recess I decided that I’m going to marry Alex Backus. He has a very nice head and his ears don’t stick out like Ronnie Winston’s do.
I will love him forever, no matter what. See you at brownies.
Love, Lane’
I’m sorry Lane, I just thought Zach should know that in your heart, he will always be second place to Alex Backus and his well-proportioned ears.
But the bottom line is, I love you Lane.
To the bride and groom.

I think this shows how true the friendship between Rory and Lane is, since Rory has kept this letter for all those years.

One of the weirdest friendships is the friendship between Rory and Paris. Paris has shifted their relationship from enemies to friendship many times. Paris is as straight forward as they come, she is a brutally honest, very driven person who is not afraid to bring up awkward conversations, often resulting in people running away. She is also one of the smartest people at Chilton and maybe even Yale.
Her relationship with Rory starts of as enemies as Paris sees Rory as a threat to her position at the top of the class. She made several attempts to discredit Rory in the hopes of getting her to fail at Chilton and have her drop out. After a while, Paris comes to view Rory as less and less of a threat and the two even collaborate on occasion and thus a friendship begins, though it is fragile. When Paris is manipulated into thinking that Rory broke her trust by telling about her boyfriend, Paris goes back to seeing Rory as an enemy. But when she takes the next step into her relationship with her boyfriend and worries if it was the right decision, it’s Rory she confides in. And when she has a meltdown live on C-span for getting rejected by Harvard, it’s Rory who’s there for her and helps her through. After graduating Chilton Rory thinks she will never see Paris again, but when they both go to Yale, Paris made sure they end up as roommates. Thus begins the next step in their friendship, though it’s still not without hurdles. But in their senior year and Rory finds herself in a rough path with another friend, it’s Paris who sticks up for her.

Yeah, yeah, life’s not fair. Can you let her off the hook, for god’s sakes?
In case you didn’t know it, Rory is a great person, and she does not deserve to be treated this way. Anyone should feel lucky to call her a friend.
I know I do, and you’re throwing away one of the best.

If you don’t have time to watch all seven seasons before the new episodes, but you do seriously want to know who Paris Geller is, you should watch the video that Netflix created to honor Paris Geller

But there is another friendship in the series that is inspiring and recognized by all. The friendship between Miss Patty and Babette. Though it’s not a friendship that is as central as all the other, it is a friendship we all treasure and wish we had.

Have love,

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