American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 08’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

Beef jerky made from arms and legs, a sudden cut throat suicide, smashing in heads with a hammer, pulling teeth with pincers, slaughtered by the Pig man and cutting of an ear with a quote to remember;

Jether; ‘ It’s for Christmas, we each get a pickled ear’

I can tell you, the suspense we felt in the first 6 episodes is completely gone, we are now on the torture train towards the end of the season. The scenes remind you of Hostel and Saw. Even mama Polk gives us the best version of Hannibal Lector’s slurping sound in Silence of the Lambs.


Last week’s scene ended with The real Butcher slicing Agnes’s head in two, not a scene you want to replay. But did you see that The Butcher has pig’s feet as hands? Dominic and Shelby witness everything from closed doors of their house and try to escape through the secret tunnel but halfway there the Asian Yin girls crawl to them to kill. Dominic and Shelby start screaming and run back upstairs but back into the house there is complete chaos and only threats, the Yin sisters, the 2 nurses, the Pig man.

In the mean time Lee is still tied up to a chair by the Polks where mama Polk and her son Jether (Finn Wittrock) are planning to eat Lee piece by piece. The weird thing is, we see camera views from different angles, did Sydney set this up? are the Polks in on it? is Sydney related to the Polks? This feels very strange and you are on the edge of your seat but are we sure we are watching what we are watching? Lee telling Flora on camera that she in fact did kill her daddy. (how in the hell did she get the body on that wheel on her own)

Audrey and Monet are still fed and tortured by the other Polk brothers. They are starting to collect their teeth. This causes Monet’s chair to break and she gets in a fight with them and escapes into the woods leaving Audrey on her own. Mama Polk orders them to get Monet and is destined to finish the job with Audrey.


What happens next to Lee, Monet, Audrey, Shelby and Dominic is for you to find out, I will only tell you 2 of them won’t survive.

Interesting detail at the end. The Pig man is at the front door and it is Ambrose White, who played The Butchers son.

I can imagine if you read about Roanoke (and even if you watch it) it is very difficult to figure out all the characters. Here an overview;

Sarah Paulson plays Shelby Miller, Sarah Paulson is Audrey Tindall
Evan Peters plays Edward Mott, Evan Peters is Rory Monahan
Kathy Bates plays Thomasin White, Kathy Bates is Agnes Winstead
Angela Bassett plays Lee Harris, Angela Bassett is Monet Tumusiime
Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Matt Miller, Cuba Gooding Jr. is Dominic Banks
Lily Rabe is Shelby Miller
Adina Porter is Lee Harris
André Holland is Matt Miller


Next week on American Horror Story ; Roanoke


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