Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 21 Days Left

Written by M.


Gilmore Girls

That’s only 3 weeks!!
I’m serious more excited about this than I am about Santa Clause.
Time for crash course lesson #13

 The Gilmore Guide to First Kisses

The first kiss with a new love is exciting and can make us girls nervous and giddy.
In the seven year of Gilmore Girls we’ve seen many first kisses. Rory and Dean, Rory and Tristan, Rory and Jess and Rory and Logan. Lorelai and Max, Lorelai and Alex, Lorelai and Jason and Lorelai and Luke. And let’s not forget about Lane! And then there are the first kisses we haven’t seen. Think of Paris with Jamie and Doyle or of Sookie and Jackson.

Of course there are several ways to react to a first kiss. You can shoplift, be giddy or turn it into a huge make out session.

And then there are the moments themselves. Is it unexpected and spontaneous, planned, romantic or lacking privacy?

Our girls have had their moments. And Netflix has been so kind to make us a nice video to highlighting the best first kisses.


Have love,

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