American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 07’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

Is it even possible in this season of AHS that it gets better and better each episode? I can answer that with a loud out YES! I must say I am already very sad that we only get 10 episodes this season instead of 13. Ryan Murphy has only 3 episodes left to amaze us even more.

What happened this week in the “Big Brother” set-up with the cast. We know only one will survive, but who? Sydney is super excited about his new reality show and he is watching everything in his production trailer together with a cameraman and an assistant. The cameraman sees something happening to Rory (the first one that got killed) on one of the screens, then we hear Sydney’s assistant scream from outside…… both guys run out of the trailer and Sydney gets attacked with an axe by Agnes, who is totally flipping by now and returning to her role as the Butcher. Wow 3 deaths within a few minutes.

Last week it ended when Matt (the real one) walked into the kitchen saying “R is for Rory”, but where is he? They search the house and find blood on the floor upstairs where Rory got murdered by the 2 ghost nurses (Blood Moon remember!). Audrey (actress playing Shelby) still thinks it’s a set up cause Rory wanted to leave because of another offer for a movie, so she thinks he staged it.


In the confession booth we see Dominic sharing with us that Sydney hired him to get ratings, and that he gave Dominic a body cam to record everything. In the meantime Shelby (the real one) breaks down in the bedroom. She notices blood on the camera on the bed and at that moment Agnes walks in and chases after her with a butcher knife. She slashes Shelby’s neck, and Shelby starts filming her to tell the world what happened. Dominic sees Matt (the real one) wonder through the kitchen walking like he is sleepwalking and goes into the basement where he talks to someone we can’t see yet though we can hear him; “I’ve been waiting for you,” he says. Dominic thinks it is strange and gets Shelby to show her what’s happening. In the corner we see The Witch of the Woods (but now the real one on top of Matt) Shelby pulls her of Matt and Matt tells Shelby; “leave her alone, I don’t love you anymore, the only reason I came back here is because of her” Cool thing is we cannot clearly see who plays the “real” Witch, is it Taissa Farmiga? Then one of the most shocking scenes until now happens, Shelby is going mad and starts to smash Matt’s whole head like pulp. (I got a huge flashback to the 1st episode of The Walking Dead, season 7, from this week).

Really, there is happening so much this week, Lee (the real one), Lee (the actress) and Shelby (the actress) try to escape through the secret underground passage when they get scared by Agnes (the actress Butcher) that is confronted outside their front door with The ‘’real” Butcher. I promise you this doesn’t end well. MY HEAD IS SPINNING! Lee’s (the real one) leg is getting oiled and cooked to feed to Lee the actress and Shelby the actress. Did we see the real Andrew Mott in the tunnel? And is it Matt Bomer? And finally we got a glimps of Finn Wittrock as one of the real Polk sons who is in charge of the camera when abducting the real Lee.


Okay, I have to watch the last three episodes again and again, I am so overwhelmed by all these layers of this season. One word: ART! A recap on who we lost these last 2 weeks (and will probably return as ghosts); – Rory (the actor that played Edward Mott) – Matt (the real one) – Sydney (the producer) – Sydney’s 1rst assistant – Sydney’s 2nd assistant – Sydney’s cameraman – Agnes (the actress that played The Butcher)

Next week on American Horror Story ; Roanoke

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