Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 34 Days Left

Written by M.



And we move on to crash course lesson #4

In Loving Memory: Richard Gilmore

Richard is married to Emily, the father of Lorelai and grandfather of Rory. Richard is a stern, hard-working, old-fashioned husband and father, who enjoys cigars, golfing and brandy. He rigorously adheres to the traditional life of high society, with its class structures, rules and concepts of appropriate behavior. He does not tolerate any form of scandal, but shows glimpses of perhaps not a really emotional attachment to the trappings of his and his wife Emily’s lifestyle. While at moments throughout the show, it’s obvious Richard has deep affection and admiration for his daughter, Lorelai, he adheres to the confines of his societal standing, and Emily’s broken heart, and does not easily forgive Lorelai for leaving the family as a teenager.

At the start of the series, Richard is the Executive Vice President of the Gehrman-Driscoll Insurance Corporation, and he oversees their international division. He has taken on several different ventures since he was initially forced into retirement. He gets a teaching job at the Yale University where he holds lectures on economics, which are attended by his granddaughter Rory. Richard suffered a bout of angina in December 2000. He has a second heart attack in 2006 and undergoes an open-heart surgery that’ll leave him inoperative in his job for a while.


Richard attended Yale University, a Gilmore tradition, and was a Wiffenpoof while he was there. He  pushed Rory to go to Yale as well, though her heart was set of Harvard. When she decides to go to Yale, Richard is ecstatic. He has very fond memories about his time at Yale, is now friends with various professors and the dean of admissions.

He once mentioned he was naked a full month his sophomore year at Yale and threatened with expulsion. Also, he and his suite mates at Yale threw one of their suite mates out of the window, sandwiched in between two mattresses. While Richard, Emily, Lorelai and Rory visited Yale, Emily revealed how Richard used to pick up women, while in college. He took them to a museum and use his version of the ‘bend and snap’.


Though he was first engaged to Pennilyn Lott, he married Emily instead, much to his mother’s dismay. When it’s revealed that Richard has had yearly lunches with Pennilyn Lott ever since his marriage to Emily, his marriage takes a significant blow. When he and Emily split, he moves into their pool house. When he hears Emily has been on a date with another man he gets extremely jealous. In the end it’s a stray dog that bring them back together. When they renew their vows and are about to open with the first dance, Richard gives a moving speech about why he chose that particular song.

During the time that Rory stayed with Richard and Emily so that she could have a “do-over”, he was the first to admit and realize that “the moment they took Rory away from Lorelai, they lost”.

Though the series Richard has adored Rory for her literary taste and sweet nature. He’s very protective of her; as shown when he met Dean. Richard grills Dean, knowing he’s not good enough for Rory. During ‘Richard in Stars Hollow’ Dean gave Rory a car he made himself, Richard loudly protested. The two males go to Gypsy’s, she finds nothing wrong but Richard makes her check it many times. Dean says he loves Rory, Richard says she’s young but doesn’t hate Dean, somewhat apologizes for his interrogation. He notices Dean is tall, Dean sarcastically asks if he wants a dance, Richard says “No, thank you. I appreciate the offer though”.


Unfortunately Edward Herrmann, who portrayed Richard Gilmore, passed away on December 31st 2014, losing his battle to brain cancer. This means Richard Gilmore will not return in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’. It has been revealed that in the series Richard Gilmore has passed away.

Because we don’t have any more Richard Gilmore to look forward to, I’ve collected some trivia of Richard Gilmore throughout the seven years of Gilmore Girls.


  • When he was a boy he loved to eat turtle neck soup. Nobody know what it is.
  • He also enjoyed Johnny Machete, a dish he prepared for Rory, Lorelai and Emily at one point.
  • He got his first custom-made suit for his father’s funeral, who died when he was 10. He never wore it again, telling his mother that he grew out of it.
  • One of his hobbies is restoring vintage cars
  • He is secretly impressed by Lorelai, and helps her out whenever she needs it.
  • When he was a child he used to love going on the roller coasters at Coney Island; he considered them to be faster as a child than as an adult.
  • He once got so annoyed at street performers in Prague that he hummed Mozart’s Prague Symphony to scare them away and them kept humming it so that the tourists would drop money at his feet. Two of them did and he kept the money.

Not only that, but I’ve also found some of the best Richard Gilmore moments;

  • When he got a kick out of using Wi-Fi for the first time.
  • When Richard had Lorelai’s back and saved her from the worst potential date ever.
  • When the Gilmores met Marty at the Yale football game and found more about Richard than they wanted to.
  • When Logan embarrassed Rory in class and Richard participated in some good old-fashioned payback.
  • When he got into a fight with Emily and told her what he thought about her drinking habits.
  • When he told Lorelai how inspiring she was for creating her own life in Stars Hollow.
  • When he informed Lorelai and Rory when he and Emily reconciled.
  • When he saved one of Lorelai’s favorite childhood memories.
  • When Rory wanted to hug him after his first heart attack.
  • When he hears Wiffenpoofs.
  • The look on his face, when Rory paid a tribute to him and Emily
  • Or when he just knew what Rory needed.

Richard Gilmore, he will be missed.
Edward Herrmann, may he rest in peace.


Have love,

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