American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 06’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

We all knew there was going to be a major plot twist this episode. But did it live up to our expectations?

The storytelling of each season is detailed, original and visually stunning. My Roanoke Nightmare brings us even more, this one is beyond clever. First we have the “original” Matt, Shelby and Lee who told us their story about being the survivors (documentary style) and the story is being portrayed by actors in a dramatic reenactment. In the beginning this felt unnecessary and strange but now we know it is PURE GENIUS.

This chapter starts off with the director of My Roanoke Nightmare, Sidney Aaron James (Cheyenne Jackson), who convinces the network to take on his second installment of Roanoke with the new title ‘Return to Roanoke; Three Days in Hell’. And Sidney proved on multiple occasions that he would do whatever necessary to get the new reality show off the ground, regardless of the consequences. Juicy detail is that during preparations a lot of things go wrong at the house so history is repeating already.


Sidney is determined to go back to the house (of course during the Blood Moon), redesigns the house in the woods into a Big Brother kind of setting and brings the cast back as well as the ‘real’ Mat and Shelby. This even brings more levels to this season. Are you still with me? The reenactment cast is not playing anymore but being themselves and yes…… they also have their personal opinions about the realness of the original story they had to play.

Part 2 of this season has just began. In the house so far Sidney invited (with a big paycheck of course) the real Matt, Shelby and Lee, the 3 actors who played them and the actor that played Edward Mott (Evan Peters).


As a viewer we know already that only one of them is going to survive. And the big question is, who? and why?. And what is going to happen to the last man or woman standing. Don’t forget, we are still on The Butchers land and the Blood Moon has just appeared.

Mind boggling is an understatement at this point. We have so many questions, or at least, I have!

  • is the story of the “real” Matt and Shelby true?
  • why would they even go back to the house, only for the money?
  • are we going to meet the “real” Witch, the “real” Butcher (still hoping for Jessica Lange to return)
  • who will Taissa Farmiga be?
  • who will Finn Wittrock be?
  • do we really only get 10 episodes?
  • who is behind the Pig mask?


For me these scenes in this episode are memorable, I had my biggest scare until now with the car scene (WTF!!). Did you all see Cheyenne’s ass when he was running to the tree? (sexy as hell). I don’t think many of you noticed it but you hear a very creepy voice say “welcome back” just before Sarah Paulson gets out of the hot tub.


One thing is for sure, Ryan Murphy has us by the throat and is not going to stop soon.

Next week on American Horror Story ; Roanoke


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