Countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – 36 Days Left

Written by M.



Which means it’s time for lesson #2 of our Gilmore Girls crash course;

Who is Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore (born as Lorelai Leigh Gilmore on October 8th 1984) is the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore and Christopher Hayden and granddaughter of Emily and Richard Gilmore. Let’s just not talk about Straub and Francine Hayden. At the start of the series she is (almost) 16 years old and about to start at the prestigious private school Chilton, bringing her one step closer to get into her dream college Harvard. Her role model is, besides her mother, Christiana Amanpour. When she grows up she wants to be a journalist and travel the world. She loves coffee and she never goes anywhere without a book.


Her mother is her best friend. Partly because there is an age gap of only 16 years, but largely because they are so alike. They are both obsessed with coffee and can live on fast food, candy and snacks.


Though her father isn’t around much, they adore each other, but nothing trumps the love that she has for her mother. I you hurt her mother, she can be ice cold, even to her father.
Luke Danes is like a father to her, being in her life since she was a kid and is somebody who she can always rely on. He comes when her grandfather is in the hospital, helps her move to college and kicks his nephew Jess our of his house when he and Rory get into a car accident.

Her other best friend since childhood is Lane Kim, who she grew up with and they share their love for music. Lane is the first person she tells about her first kiss, even before her mother. Whenever she is fighting with Lorelai, Lane is her confidant and gives her advice and vice versa. Then there is Paris Geller, one of the girls of Chilton and she is not happy with Rory transferring to Chilton. She feels threatened by Rory and goes out of her way to make life at Chilton very hard for Rory. And then things change, Paris softens to Rory and finds in her a best friend. They thrive each other to be the best at school and share a love for Harvard, journalism and studying.


Rory’s first love is Dean Forester, who she meets while cleaning out her locker at Stars Hallow High. He gives her, her first kiss, after which she runs, is the first guy who tells her he loves her and is, according to Lorelai, the perfect first boyfriend. Then Jess comes to town and she and Jess share their love of reading. Over time she falls in love with him and she’s torn between Dean and Jess. But after some time Dean is sick of being outgunned by Jess and breaks up with Rory, thus begins Rory and Jess.


Rory graduates Chilton and gets the honor of giving the valedictorian speech. She gets accepted to Harvard, Princeton and Yale, the college her grandparents attended and love for her to go to. In the end she chooses Yale and a new adventure begins. She moves to New Haven and shares a dorm with her Chilton friend Paris, befriends Marty and joins the staff of the Yale Daily News. She reconnects with Dean, who is now married, and loses her virginity to him. At Yale she meets Logan Huntzberger, who is also part of the Yale Daily News staff and after Dean breaks up with her again, she finds herself falling for Logan. And against all odds, Logan falls for her and says goodbye to his life as a ladies’ man.


After Mitchum Huntzberger, yes Logan’s father and a big-shot in the newspaper industry, tells Rory that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist her world falls apart. Along with Logan she steals a yacht and gets arrested by the police. Following that, she decides to leave Yale, moves into the pool house of her grandparents, joins Emily at the DAR, lives the life of the party with Logan and has no contact with Lorelai. The only one who can get through to her is Jess, who came by for a quick visit. She sees the error in her ways, reconnects with Lorelai, moves out of her grandparents estate, gets a job at a newspaper, gets back to Yale and breaks things off with Logan. Though Logan isn’t able to forget about Rory. When Paris fails at being the editor of the Yale Daily News, Rory gets the rest of the staff to push through to get the paper out. They are about to miss the deadline, but Logan saves the day, the paper and wins back Rory’s hearth. After that the staff elect Rory as their new editor.


In her senior year, Logan moves to London to work for his father, Rory’s term of the editor of the Yale Daily News ends, she finds new friends in Olivia and Lucy, but she is nervous about the future as graduation comes closer. She applies for several jobs and a very prestigious fellowship at the New York Times. When she graduates Yale, Logan proposes and wants to start their live together in California. Feeling that she is not ready for marriage, she turn the proposal down and they break up. Ultimately she gets a job as a reporter to cover Barack Obama’s presidential campaign for an online magazine. Lead by Luke, the people of Stars Hollow throw her the biggest bon voyage party the state of Connecticut has ever seen.

I think you’re all caught up when it comes to Rory Gilmore.
Tomorrow it’s time for crash course lessen #3; Who is Emily Gilmore.

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