Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 04 ‘Falling Slowly’

Written by M.

The difficulty with having so many big characters as we have in Grey’s Anatomy, is that it also means we have a lot of story lines. Keeping track of all of them isn’t always easy, but luckily you guys have me.

“The harder the hit, the more it will sting. That’s usually the case, so we prescribe meds, ice, compression, elevation, things you do to stop the immediate pain.”

DeLuca is ordered not to talk about any matters of the upcoming trial within the walls of the hospital. Bailey’s exact words were “Do not talk about it. To anyone”. A very clear, but for DeLuca, who agreed to it, a very tough order to follow. The first time he broke that order was within 30 seconds, as he was telling Bailey about the trial. He later finds a friend in Jo, who also needs someone to talk to about the things she’s not allowed to talk about.

Jackson and April aren’t getting any sleep and are irritated by each other, walking around on eggshells. After Jackson talks to Ben and April talks to Arizona they actually start talking to each other. They decide that April won’t move out, but she and Harriet will stay at Jackson’s. This way they can divide and concur.


Amelia freaks out when she finds out there are things that she doesn’t know about Owen, worried that they don’t know each other at all. At night Amelia and Owen tell each other their darkest secrets. Amelia opens up to Owen about the night her boyfriend died of an overdose. And Owen tells Amelia about the time the chocked Christina. This gets them closer and they decide to try and have a baby. Well this won’t take long, since Caterina Scorsone is pregnant in real life, so I guess by next week she’s pregnant. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we would get another time jump, to explain the belly she’ll show soon.


Maggie obviously isn’t over the fact that Nathan turned her down and she makes every encounter with Nathan weird and awkward. Sometimes I wonder how she grew up, since she seems to live in her own little world. And then suddenly she surprises you by knowing what is happening around her, though, let’s face it, that doesn’t happen very often.

When their patient gets worse, after Nathan sided with Meredith against Owen, she’s worried that his feelings for her influenced his medical decisions. He’s obviously hurt that she could even think that and lets her know it too. At the end of the day, they talk about it and Meredith why they can’t be more that colleagues. Because she needs to trust her and his medical decisions and not second guess them like she did today. And then Maggie joins them and Meredith lets her believe another lie.


Alex tries his best at the clinic but his new boss Tamir always finds ways to constantly be on his case and putting him down. He gets a patient who comes in regularly for an IV and he is ordered to give her one, give her a pamphlet about alcoholism and send her home. When he notices that this won’t make any impression he gets Richard to talk to her. But she keeps insisting that she’s not an alcoholic, that this is just how her body reacts. After he gets yet another stand from Tamir, he walks out to meet his lawyers. As he sits in the bus, he realizes what’s wrong with her and gets right out. Her disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, is very rare and some symptoms can make it look as if she’s an alcoholic. But instead of him telling the patient, he tells Richard to tell her. She doesn’t like him and she needs this, way more than he need the credit. Even though he saved her life by finding out she has this disease. What I don’t get is, why didn’t Richard inform Tamir that it was Alex that found out what the patient has. Especially since he got a little insight of how Alex is treated by Tamir.


“There’s a reason why these fixes are called temporary. They were never mend to last forever. So what happens when you’re faced with a fix that is more permanent? Do you fight it, do you try to resist? Or do you take a step back and decide, that maybe acceptance is the best fix of all.”

And also;

  • I love how Nathan keeps pointing out the positive things Meredith says about him. Even when she turns him down, he hears he say “thinking about you” and he points that out. At the moment he is by far my favorite character of the show.
  • Total lie count thus far; 5. She’s on a roll.

Next week;


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