American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 05’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

Okay I was going crazy about chapter 4 dear AHS lovers but chapter 5 completely blew my mind. Evan Peters and Frances Conroy are finally back. And what an entrance they both get in this season.


This chapter started with real-life historian Doris Kearns Goodwin talking about the history of the house and the story owner Edward Philippe Mott (ancestor of Dandy, yes from Freak Show) and how much carnage he encountered while building the place in the 18th Century. Edward (Evan Peters) is an fanatic art lover and shares his passion and sexual life with one of his favorite servants (most erotic scene in AHS since a long time)

After he thinks one of the servants destroyed all his art but doesn’t receive any confession he throws them into the shed… left there to die (the shed where Matt and Shelby found the video from Elias). His lover is furious about that but Edward reminds him very clearly saying;

“Let me remind you, you are also a servant, your velvet tongue and purple cockhead do not make you more than that”

2 days later Edward is taken and gets killed by The Butcher (what a genius visual reminder of AHS Hotel’s mattress scene).

We now received a lot of historical information of the house and its residents and last week we learned that they all come alive during the Blood Moon.

Matt and Shelby are still stuck in the house hiding in their basement with The Butcher outside waiting to slaughter them. Then Edward appears to help them escape using a secret tunnel that ends up in the woods. Trying to find their way into the woods (Matt, Shelby and Flora), they get kidnapped by The Hilbillies, who are determined to hand them over to The Butcher.

What happens next? Well I am not gonna tell you because it’s all starting to make sense (if that’s even possible) in some kind of crazy way. We surely get prepared for next episode, remember Ryan promised us a huge plot twist. And from the very short teaser for next Wednesday (introducing Cheyenne Jackson) we learn that it is just called AHS Roanoke instead of My Roanoke Nightmare.


Wow what an episode. I loved all the hints to the classic horror movies like The Grudge, The Shining, Misery, Hostel and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And I have to make a personal statement; there was no Lady GaGa this week and that was SO MUCH BETTER, I’m not saying she is not owning her part but she doesn’t add anything to AHS.

Next week on American Horror Story ; Roanoke

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