Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 – Review of episode 03 ‘Uprising’

Written by M.

The Watchdogs strike and they strike big!
YoYo is at her best friends bachelorette party in Miami when there’s a blackout. But not a normal blackout, but a blackout that stops any form of electricity, like phones, cars and helicopters. Caused by the Inhumans, or so they want everybody to believe. It’s actually done by The Watchdogs, who have a new ally, who’s taking them global. After Miami, six more cities over the world follow, including Los Angeles and Washington DC.

In LA, Daisy and Robbie are able to stay moving, because apparently his car is from before 1980 and has nothing electrical in it. They get to Robbie’s little brother Gabe just before he’s attacked. Daisy uses her powers to keep Gabe from being killed, but damages her arm immensely. At their house Robbie leaves Daisy with Gabe to get her some medical supplies to treat her broken arm. Gabe figured out that Daisy is the Inhuman Quake. He says her secret is save with his, but she has to go and leave him and his brother alone.


In DC the blackout has the worst timing of all. The suited man, from episode 1 who got touched by the ghost, dies. And the same will happen to May unless they do something drastic. Doctor Radcliff’s solution is definitely drastic. He first wants to kill her and when her brain is released from the ghost, he wants to shock her back to life. Which needs to happen within 7 minutes or May will suffer brain damage. And just as Simmons wants to shock May back to life, the blackout strikes. Radcliff then gets Aida’s power source and with that they’re able to bring May back from the dead.


In Miami, Mack, Fitz and Coulson arrive to see if they can stop the blackout. They figure out that all of their high tech supply is useless and that they will have to go old school.

“So, no tech, no transpo, no weapons and our only hope is the professors slide rule? Yeah, that about sums it out.”

YoYo’s friends find out that she’s an Inhuman and give her up to the Watchdogs. Then Mack, Fitz and Coulson come in and overpower the Watchdogs. Fitz figures out the location of the EMP machine that causes the blackout and together they beat the Watchdogs.


When Robbie comes home in the morning, Daisy is nowhere to be found and Gabe acts like nothing happened.

Director Mace gives a public speech, telling the world that S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and saved the day.
The new ally of the Watchdogs is senator Nadeer, who gave them the information of the Inhumans. And she has a brother who’s a statue and by the looks of things, he’s been that way for a while.

And also;

  • FINALLY somebody speaks up that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t about PR, but about keeping people safe. Go Mack!
  • What’s up with Gabe? Is he part of the Watchdogs? There’s definitely something happening with him. And with the stuff he had lying on the table.
  • How is it that S.H.I.E.L.D.’s plane was able to fly? There’s a lot of electricity in there, so shouldn’t that thing crash?
  • Robbie is apparently somewhat invincible, all injuries he gets at night are all healed the next morning.
  • YoYo’s remark when her friend leaves her because she’s an Inhuman “At least I don’t have to wear a stupid dress”. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
  • Fitz’ got game! When did he learn to fight like that? Not only that but he saved everybody with his old school science.


Next week it’s Lola against the Ghost car, you don’t want to miss this;

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