American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 04’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

First of all, this episode is the perfect slap in the face for all those AHS “fans” that are constantly reminding us how lame and terrible this season is. If you don’t like it, please go back to a show that fits your personality…. The Gilmore Girls…. they talk and complain all the time as well, I bet you will like it.

So now back to the real fans. What an amazing episode, and yes we started of with only suspense in the first 3 chapters but this one treats us with everything we thought we missed. A very graphic killing, a huge scare and enough gore and blood to compensate.

The jump scare moment with the Pig Man behind the shower curtain is epic. Could there be a hint to the first season? Eric Stonestreet had nightmares of the Piggy Man hmmmmm.

After a hunt down in the house to escape from the Pig Man, Matt and Shelby are saved by the man from the video, Elias. Then the explaining starts… untill now we know little from a lot and historical flashbacks keep us wondering what is real. Elias explains us the meaning of “Croatoan”, a message left for others to find the lost colony. A word of dark power.

Elias reveals the history of their home…. everyone that ever lived there is dead or gone missing and every year 6 days from the 1st quarter moon till the blood moon. The black veil was lifted between the shadow world and the real world so now the horror gets to a new level and the killing starts.

Cricket re-enters the house explaining that he had a confrontation with The Witch from the Woods…

” The bitch with the real power ”

A marvelous episode with a quote that will get stuck in our minds for a long time;

Cricket: Do you know the term Gay for Pay?

Ryan also leaves us with a lot of questions, What’s the witches name, who is the Piggy Man, what will be the season shocker in the 6th chapter, is it a story within a story, where are all the missing characters?.

Next week on American Horror Story ; My Roanoke Nightmare

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