American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 03’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

Going into the 3rd episode, now I know for sure this is going to be the most surprising and best season ‘till date. Ryan Murphy teased us in the press this week with the following statement;

“Starting in Episode 6 the show has a huge turn,” Murphy revealed

This has all fans on the edge of their seats, theories are popping up, will Jessica Lange return after all? What is the connection with previous seasons, could it be that Billy Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) from season 1 is actually playing Shelby now? We are thrown from one to another mind game. Ryan Murphy also told us;

“The thing that you think you’re watching is not what you’re watching”


Flora is lost (Lee’s daughter), and there is a huge search party to find her. Lee, Shelby and Matt end up at a farmhouse that looks abandoned but the barn shows us a pretty disgusting sight of 2 filthy boys, around 12 years, old that are drinking from a pig. The only sound that they can produce is the word “Croatoan”, but what does it mean. The psychic character Cricket (Leslie Jordan) entered Shelby and Matt’s home, promising Lee, her daughter is still alive and he can find her. He tells the story of the Roanoke Colony and explains that at one point the leader of this Colony left and put his wife Thomasin (Kathy Bates) in charge. Not everyone in the Colony accepted this and stood up against her. They left Thomasin to die in the woods with a spiked cage placed around her neck.


A witch (Lady Gaga) found her and released her from her shackles, asking that Thomasin give her her soul in return. Thomasin reintroduced herself as The Butcher and killed the men who left her in the woods. During another search at night in the woods Cricket faces The Butcher demanding to give them back Flora. The cool thing is that Cricket can see all of them and Shelby, Matt and Lee only see them at certain moments. They all see things that could be true or not, especially the scene where Shelby searches for Matt and finds him having sex with the witch (Lady GaGa). Is it reality or not? This third episode makes this season more and more interesting. Mason did not survive this episode, Lee got arrested and Flora still isn’t found.

Coming up in episode 4;

Also check out what Ryan Murphy had to say about a secret new season;

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