Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Review of episode 01 ‘Undo’

Written by M.

First off, congratulations to the happily newlywed couple, Owen and Amelia.


And then jump right in. Because last season ended with Alex beating the life out of DeLuca, Jo is already married. Ben cut April open, without anesthesia on Meredith’s kitchen table to deliver her baby. And Maggie decided that she is in love with Nathan, who Meredith did the nasty with.


Alex gets DeLuca in an ambulance to the hospital and does his best to help him, and not in the way he helped DeLuca earlier that evening. Ben notices Alex’s bloody knuckles. Meredith and Richard try to calm down Jo and figure out what happened. Meredith leaves Jo in Richard’s hands and heads to the hospital to look for Alex. Cops are at the hospital trying to figure out what and who happened to DeLuca.


Alex tells Meredith what he saw at home and why he attacked DeLuca, still under the impression DeLuca tried to take advantage of a drunk Jo. Meredith is obligated to report Alex to Bailey, but decides to help him, for now. And she lies to Maggie when she asks her if she knows what happened to DeLuca.


Maggie desperately tries to prove to Nathan that she’s not in love with DeLuca, but can’t seem to tell him that it is him that she wants. Nathan on the other hand grabs every opportunity to convince Meredith that he is a good guy and that he wants to spend time with her outside of the hospital. And you can tell that Meredith likes him as well, but she ignores her own feelings because of Maggie.
Jackson needs to perform surgery on DeLuca and try to save his eyesight and with that DeLuca’s future as a surgeon.
Alex and Jo meet each other outside of DeLuca’s room and Jo tries to explain what happened with DeLuca. Only Alex interrupts her and now thinks that Jo wanted to have sex with DeLuca. And we all know how tactful Alex can be, and he leaves Jo heartbroken, again.


Ben informs Meredith of the injuries of DeLuca and that his career as a surgeon is over. And that he thinks that it was Alex who did this to him. Meredith explains to Ben why she stands behind Alex.
Jo tells Stephanie, who tells Meredith, who tells Alex, what really happened, and Meredith urges Alex to come clean to Bailey.
Jo then visits DeLuca, but he’s hurt when he finds out she’s not there for him, but to make sure he won’t tell anyone that she’s married. When Alex walks in to talk and apologize to DeLuca, DeLuca is terrified of him and Alex leaves again.
Meredith asks Nathan to sit with her while she decides whether or not to go to Bailey. And with a surprised and concerned look he sits down next to her and they just look at each other. Next Meredith walks into Bailey’s office to tell everything. First Bailey is too busy, until she sees the look on Meredith’s face, who says “It was Alex”. At the same moment Alex is coming clean to the cops in the hospital. Bailey and Meredith arrive just in time to see Alex getting arrested for aggravated assault. He get’s escorted out of the hospital, for Maggie, Catherine, Richard and Jo, and off course all those other people, who’s names we don’t know, to see.



With Bailey, Meredith and Maggie right behind him. As they walk through the ER, Bailey sees that Ben already thought it was Alex. But she does not get to be mad about this, since she wanted ‘church and state’.
At home Maggie blames Meredith for lying to her, while Maggie is her sister, and Meredith promises to never lie to her again. This is off course a perfect moment for Nathan to drop by. As they stand outside, he wants to know what the problem is, since he feels that something is happening between them. Meredith tells him that he’s wrong, that there is nothing happening between them. When she walks back inside and Maggie asks her who was at the door, she lies.
Meredith then visits Alex at the city lockup and he says “It was nice knowing you”, since he’s sure his future at Grey Sloan Memorial is over and he thinks he’ll go away for 15 to 20 years.


Also there was a thing when April wakes up with Catherine holding her little bundle of joy. When Catherine hears the name of her granddaughter, she can’t help but to look surprised. Which leads into bickerfest 2016. But in the end the little baby’s name is ‘Harriet Kepner-Avery’.


The episode ended with these wise words;

The past is written, there’s no changing it. What’s done is done. But, the future is ours to choose, for better or worse…

And this is coming up in the next episode

And then there’s also this;

  • How can Maggie DECIDE that she loves Nathan?
    And how can she not see how Nathan looks at Meredith?
  • How is it that Meredith beats Nathan and Maggie to the hospital? Even though she first came to check on Jo and Nathan and Maggie went straight to the hospital.
  • Is Maggie really over DeLuca? They way she hold his hand would suggest otherwise.
  • In the OR, Maggie asks Jackson “Will he see again?” and he brilliantly replied with “We’ll see”. Did anyone else notice this?
  • In all other cases, loved ones are being kept out of the OR, whether you’re a surgeon or not. How come Maggie can join Jackson in the OR? Especially since a lot of people are still under the impression that they’re still a couple. Or at least that Maggie is still in love with him.
  • Meredith promises to never lie to Maggie again, and then breaks that promise only minutes later. Let’s keep a count this your of how many times Meredith lies to Maggie, before Maggie finds out.
  • Where is Arizona?
  • And, am I the only who secretly hopes that one day, Meredith and Alex end up together?
    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Meredith with Nathan right now, but in end, I like Alex.

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