American Horror Story Season 6 – Review of ‘Chapter 01’

Written by Jurgen Carper Caminada

We were teased until 10pm last Wednesday by master creator Ryan Murphy regarding the theme of the 6th season of American Horror Story. All fans where going nuts and some of them couldn’t even handle the “not knowing” 26 different teasers that kept us guessing but only one of them seems to reveal the real theme they claimed…. agree to disagree. (let’s get back to this later) This unique marketing strategy is a first for a TV series ever.
Murder House was fabulous….
Asylum was stunningly creepy….
Coven was magical….
Freak Show was visual eye candy…
Hotel was high end hot and entertaining….
Wishing for season 6 to be contagious and disturbing.

So here we go;

The first 40 seconds gives us a quick flash forward of some scenes we are going to see this episode and ends with the title;

My Roanoke Nightmare

The new thing this season is that it starts with confessional interviews in the form of a reality show… presented like a paranormal documentary. We get to know the first 3 main characters of this season….. an interracial couple Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Matt Miller (Cuba Gooding Jr.) After a serious violent random attack in the city they both decide to move to the woods in North Carolina. There all the horror and drama begins.

Very unwanted Hillbillies (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre) start to scare the shit out of Matt and Shelby to drive them away from their home. Lee (Angela Bassett) gets introduced to us as Matt’s sister and former police officer who lost her job after trauma and her heavy addiction on painkillers. Lee stays at the house when Matt is away for work because Shelby doesn’t feel safe after some weird experiences (watch it and you know what I mean).


This season could be one of the most terrifying to date, it is back to basic suspense, no gore yet and all the elements are there. A large house in the woods, a lot of darkness, a disturbing video in the basement, camera’s observing the house, screaming pigs at night, raining teeth and a hot tub outside (OMG …. really?, relaxing in the dark, in the woods, all alone, at night? NEVER!!!)

The end of this first episode gives us a glimpse of a new character played by Wes Bentley. Is this the best opening episode for all AHS series so far? That’s for you to decide. For me, I think it is!

See what’s happening next week;


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